21 December 2008

Lotta Top Junior Handler!

Lotta Granström, the co-owner of Noona (S. Wildcat) has won the Finnish Kennel Club's 2008 Top Junior Handler title! Onnea Lotta! Congratulations! Noona was proud to accompany Lotta when she was awarded the title at the Helsinki international show last weekend.

Saga & Kirsi

Antti Ruotsalo took a couple of sweet photos of Saga & Kirsi with the big International Champion rosette. Thanks for the photos :)

With this win at the Stockholm int. show Saga helped her sire Ch. Klenod's Qhavat to become Sweden's Top Producer 2008! Grattis Elvis, Inger & Göran!

Helsinki international show, 13.12.08

Judge: Martha Heine, Germany

Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk), Saga (S. Pinquana) and Pippuri (S. Peppar Peppar) were entered and all got excellents, Joanie (L. Happy Days) also got excellent and was placed fourth in the open bitches.

New bed

Joanie is obviously very pleased with her new bed which she got from our Stockholm trip.

10 December 2008

C-pennut 8 v.

Paljon Onnea Softouch C-pennuille, jotka täyttävät tänään 8 v.!!

Happy Birthday to the Softouch C-litter for their 8th birthday!!

8 December 2008

Saga Int Ch!

BOB Twyborn Smoke on the Water and Saga

Last weekend Saga (S. Pinquana) and Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk) were shown at the Stockholm international show. Whippets were judged by Unto Timonen of the Woodbrook's fame. Fjalle showed like a pro (as usual!) in junior class and was placed second with CK (CC quality). Well done!

Saga's turn came next and she really made our day by becoming best bitch and gained her qualifying CACIB for the International Champion title! Huge congratulations to Saga and Kirsi!

25 November 2008

Nasusa Pirate Alley

"Sage", Nasusa Pirate Alley (S. Finders Keepers x Nasusa Windchase For Kicks) is pictured here at 6 months. He is owned by K. Maki & Nasusa

Jyväskylä international show

Judge: Ursula Langer, Germany

* Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk): EXC/3 in junior class
* Hoppu (S. A Bit O' Blue): Best dog nr. 2 + CC + CACIB - Onnea Minna & Hoppu!!
* Haiku (S. Montana Sky): EXC in champion class
* Noona (S. Wildcat): VG in junior class
* Joanie (L. Happy Days): EXC/4 in open class
* Saga (S. Pinquana): EXC/2 in champion class

Noona (photo Jaana Porkka)

9 November 2008

Softouch Little Big Man

Got this lovely new photo of Chaplin who is owned by the Courtborne kennel in Norway.

2 November 2008

Lahti sighthound show 1.11.

Judge: Vanna Leathart, Great Britain (Ringmore)

    Fjalle almost 10 months

  • Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk): EXC/1 in junior class + reserve-CC
  • Joanie (Leyenda's Happy Days): EXC in open class
  • Saga (S. Pinquana): EXC/3 in champion class

27 October 2008


Seinäjoki international show 26.10.2008, tuomari/judge: Jarmo Vuorinen (Scheik's) Finland

Saga BOB, Bravo BOS

  • Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk), at his very first official show: EXC/1, Best dog nr. 3, reserve-cc
  • Hoppu (S. A Bit O' Blue): EXC/3 in open class
  • Joanie (Leyenda's Happy Days): EXC/4 in open class
  • Sissi (S. Quickstep): EXC/2 in open show (unofficially best bitch nr. 6)
  • Saga (S. Pinquana): BOB, BIG-2 !!




and Joanie
*** More photos from the show at the photo gallery ***

22 October 2008

Happy Birthday Hoppu!

Today Hoppu (S. A Bit O' Blue) celebrates his 2nd birthday - congratulations!!

12 October 2008

Whippet club open show 11.10.

Judge: Annette Stone (Khalibadh whippets) Sweden

  • Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk): 2nd in junior class with price of honour
  • Hoppu (S. A Bit O' Blue): 3rd in intermediate class with price of honour
  • Joiku (S. Mohawk River): price of honour in champion class
  • Lenni (S. Capsicum): Best dog nr. 2, BIS-senior
  • Joanie (L. Happy Days): Best bitch nr. 3, BIS-open
  • Sissi (S. Quickstep): price of honour in open class
  • Pippuri (S. Peppar Peppar): Best bitch nr. 4
  • Saga (S. Pinquana): BIS
  • Panda (S. Singing Spirit): 2nd in senior class with price of honour
  • Naomi (S. Cattail Moon): 3rd in veteran class with price of honour
  • Tove (S. Moonlit Sea): 4th in veteran class with price of honour



Lenni BIS senior & Best dog 2

*** More photos from the show in the photo gallery ***