18 September 2011


Lovely photo of Noona, Softouch Wildcat (Pipsqueak Kelju K Kojootti - Softouch Pinquana), thanks Lotta!

Tampere sighthound show 17.9.2011

Judge: Stephen Wheeler, Sweden

* Luca (S. Hawkeye): EXC/4
* Pablo (S. Hullabalooza): EXC/2
* Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk): BOS
* Cilla (S. Hazelnut): EXC/2 CCQ

BOS Softouch Wild Hawk / BOB Scheik's Eye Catccher

15 September 2011

Moon- & L-puppies

Paljon onnea Softouch Moon-pennuille, tänään 14 v.!! Isot onnittelut myös Softouch L-pennuille, tänään 6 v.!!

Happy Birthday to Softouch Moon-litter, today 14 years!! Big congratulations also to Softouch L-puppies, today 6 years!!

Moon-puppies in 1997

L-puppies in 2005

4 September 2011

Hoppu's daughter

This beauty is "Londa", Jellied Sweets Dominija (Ch. Softouch A Bit O' Blue - Ch. Bicolour Tourmaline Dominija). She is pictured going BIS baby at a specialty show in Riga in July under Åke Cronander (Albicans) from Sweden. Londa is bred and owned by the Dominija kennel.


"Chaplin", N &  S Ch Softouch Little Big Man (Ch. Ronndal Zinedine Zidane - Ch. Softouch Peppar Peppar), pictured in Vilsta, Sweden, in July. He became Swedish champion a week after this show in Svenstavik. Chaplin is owned by Courtborne kennel in Norway. He has sired many beautiful puppies, the latest litter of 10 (!) puppies being born in England at Carol Osborne's Derohan kennel. Dam is Buebezi Exhibitionist.

Chaplin in Sweden in July -11
Buebezi Exhibitionist
The puppies in England

Below is one of Chaplin's puppies, Courtborne Don't Be Cruel, who won BOB & BIG-1 earlier last month in Sweden.

Courtborne Don't Be Cruel & Allettes T&T Sedona (photo: Susanne Holst)


In the summer we met again with "Topaz", N & S Ch Softouch Wild Eagle (Ch Pipsqueak Keljukkojootti - Ch Softouch Pinquana), who lives in Norway at Kennel Courtborne.

Topaz in Vilsta, Swedish Whippet Club show in July -11

Photo: Michaela Olsson
Below is one of his puppies in, Circus Maximus Galatea, who went SBIS at the Sighthound specialty show in Lithuania, judged by Natalia Nekrosiene. Galatea is owned by Rima Trepanaitiene.

Sekalaista päivitystä / Mixed updates

Hieman on vierähtänyt aikaa sitten viime päivityksen...mutta tässä joitain tuloksia ja kuvia / It has taken a while since the last update, but here are some results and photos.

MUURAME sighthound show 4.9.2011, judge: Tina Permo, Sweden (Karin Hedberg, Sweden):

* Saga (S. Pinquana): Best bitch nr. 4, BOB & BIS-2 veteran

VANTAA all breed show 3.9.2011, judge: Harto Stockmari:

* Pablo (S. Hullabalooza): VG

TERVAKOSKI int. show 28.8.2011, judge: Säde Hohteri

* Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk): BOS

BOS Fjalle and BOB Scheik's Dixi Dancer

KOUVOLA all breed show 20.8.2011, judge: Fred Peddie, Canada:

* Cilla (S. Hazelnut): BOB & BIG-4 !!
* Lola (S. Wild At Heart): VG

BOS Pojanrinteen Navigator & BOB Cilla
Cilla in the group

PICCOLO EVENTO unofficial show, 13.8.2011, judge: Stefano Muzzolini, Italy (Neredje):

* Milo (S. Burning Sky): 1st in cryptorchid class
* Luca (S. Hawkeye): 4th in intermediate class
* Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk): 4th in champion class
* Cilla (S. Hazelnut): 1st in intermediate class
* Joanie (L. Happy Days): 2nd in champion class

Luca's handsome head

Milo being examined

HELSINKI int. show 23.7.2011, judge: Espen Engh, Norway (Jet's):

* Pablo (S. Hullabalooza): VG
* Luca (S. Hawkeye): VG
* Elmeri (S. Highlander): G
* Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk): EXC + CCQ
* Cilla (S. Hazelnut): EXC
* Joanie (L. Happy Days): EXC3

We were a bit tired after coming straight to the show from the boat...
 ...but luckily there were two "servants" taking care of us: one scratching my neck and one holding the umbrella!

Swedish Whippet Club Show in VILSTA 21.-22.7.2011, judge: Hanne Berit Husby, Norway (Terra Whisetta):

* Cilla (S. Hazelnut): price of honour in intermediate class

Cilla in Vilsta

OULU international show 17.7.2011, judge: Tuula Savolainen

* Joiku (S. Mohawk River): EXC/3 CCQ
* Rommi (S. Fourwhitesocks): VG

OULU international show 16.7.2011, judge: Lydia Erhart, Netherlands:

* Hoppu (S. A Bit O'Blue): EXC/3 CCQ

LIMINKA sighthound show 15.7.2011, judge: Knut Blutecher, Norway (Showline)

* Rommi (S. Fourwhitesocks): EXC
* Joiku (S. Mohawk River): EXC4 CCQ


HYVINKÄÄ all breed show 10.7.2011, judge: Fernando Madeira Rodriques, Portugal

* Pablo (S. Hullabalooza): Best dog nr. 3, reserve-cc