30 November 2009

News from Norway

Topaz in summer -09

At the Norwegian Winner Show in Lillestrom yesterday Topaz (S. Wild Eagle) won the NKK CC and was placed Best male nr. 3! Now he only needs one "little" CC in order to become Norwegian champion.

Two of Chaplin's (Ch. S. Little Big Man) daughters did also well: Courtborne Kiss Me Quick was Best bitch nr. 2 with CC & res-cacib and Courtborne Rock-A-Hula-Baby Best bitch nr. 4.

The judge was Jacqueline Quiros-Kubait (Dragonfly), USA and there were over 80 whippets entered.

Congratulations to Jorgen & Kristin and all the others involved at Courtborne!!

Turku Int. Show 29.11.09

Judge: Noreen Harris (Bonnymead), Australia:

* Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk): EXC/2 in youth class (pictured below)
* Joanie (L. Happy Days): Best bitch nr. 3

28 November 2009

Jyväskylä int. show 21.11.09

Judge: Philippe Gallardo (Khafka's), Spain:

* Hoppu (S. A Bit O' Blue): EXC in champion class
* Lola (S. Wild at Heart): EXC/4 in youth class
* Joanie (L. Happy Days): EXC in champion class
* Saga (S. Pinquana): Best bitch nr. 3
* Pippuri (S. Peppar Peppar): EXC/3 in champion class
* Softouch breeder's group: BOB

Joanie, Pojanrinteen Pandora & Scheik's Dixi Dancer


Lola and Pia



Breeder's group of Saga, Lola, Pippuri & Hoppu

1 November 2009

Lahti sighthound show 1.11.2009

Judge: Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari:

* Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk): EXC/2 in youth class, Best dog nr. 2, res-cc
* Lola (S. Wild at Heart): EXC/2 in youth class, Best bitch nr. 4, res-cc
* Joanie (L. Happy Days): EXC/3 in champion class
* Pippuri (S. Peppar Peppar): EXC/2 in champion class, Best bitch nr. 2
* Panda (S. Singing Spirit): EXC/1 in veteran class, BIS-2 veteran
* Softouch breeders group: 1/hp, BIS-1