20 July 2009

Helsinki Sighthound Club Annual Show 18.7.2009

Judge: Bitte Ahrens (Sobers), BIS-judge Lena Stålhandske

* Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk): EXC/2 in intermediate class (he also made the cut among the six best males)
* Joiku (S. Mohawk River): EXC/4 in champion class
* Lola (S. Wild At Heart): EXC/3 in intermediate class
* Joanie (L. Happy Days): EXC/4 in champion class
* Pippuri (S. Peppar Peppar): BOB & BIS-1
* Panda (S. Singing Spirit): EXC/2 in veteran class
* Softouch breeders group: 2nd with price of honour





BOB Pippuri & BOS Fanfares Special Export

Breeders group: Pippuri, Panda, Lola & Fjalle


Olli (S. Fasterthanu) was placed 5th out 16 in Jyväskylä LC-competition with 449 points. Congratulations Tuula & Olli!

Karjaa all breed show 12.7.2009


Judge: Elisabet Janzon (Wolf Tone):

* Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk): Best dog nr. 3, reserve-cc
* Noona (S. Wildcat): VG/2 in intermediate class
* Tara (S. Quintara): EXC/2 in champion class
* Joanie (L. Happy Days): Best bitch nr. 4

9 July 2009

Kesäterveisiä kasvateilta - Summer greetings

Oliver (S. Medicine Man)

Hoppu & Joiku (S. A Bit O'Blue & Mohawk River)

Sissi (S. Quickstep)

Naomi (S. Cattail Moon)

Nipsu (C'mere Jalokivi) 5,5 months

Muutama näyttelytulos - Show results

Hämeenlinna all breed show 27.6.2009, judge Marja Salminen
* Joanie (L. Happy Days): BOS, CC + New Finnish Champion!
Hyvinkää all breed show 4.7.2009, judge Unto Timonen (Woodbrook's)
* Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk): Best dog nr. 3, reserve-CC
* Joanie (Leyenda's Happy Days): BOS

Joanie BOS at Hyvinkää