29 September 2010

Olli maastoissa

Ollin tyylinäytteitä HVK:n maastoista (sinisellä manttelilla). Kiitos Antti Ruotsalolle kuvista.

Olli (in blue jacket) at the lurecoursing trial. Thanks Antti Ruotsalo for the photos.

26 September 2010

HVK:n maastot 26.9.2010

Tänään HVK:n maastoissa Tuomarinkartanolla "Olli", Softouch Fasterthanu (Ch. Wolf Tone Viking - Softouch Topsannah) tuli hienosti toiseksi ylikorkeitten urosten kisassa ja voittaen myös sertin!!! Sydämelliset onnittelut Ollille ja Tuulalle taustajoukkoineen!

Today at the Helsinki Sighthound Club lure-coursing competition "Olli", Softouch Fasterthanu (Ch. Wolf Tone Viking - Softouch Topsannah) was second in oversized males competition and won the CC! Warm congratulations to Olli, Tuula and their background team!

24 September 2010

Väsynyttä porukkaa á la Piisku ja Cilla

Finnish Sighthound Club Specialty Show

Lahti 18.9.2010
Judge: Petter Fodstad, Norway

* Pablo (S. Hullabalooza): BOS-puppy
* Cilla (S. Hazelnut): BOB, BIS-1 puppy
* Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk): BOB
* Nipsu (C. Jalokivi): EXC/1
* Lola (S. Wild At Heart): EXC/2
* Kiwi (S. Ladyhawke): EXC
* Pippuri (S. Peppar Peppar): BOB veteran, BIS-4 veteran
* Saga (S. Pinquana): EXC/3
* Softouch breeders group: BOB
Puppies Pablo & Cilla

Pablo, S. Hullabalooza

Cilla, S. Hazelnut

Pippuri, S. Peppar Peppar
BOB S. Wild Hawk & BOS Play A While Iittala

15 September 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday wishes to puppies in Moon-litter who will be 13 years today and to puppies in L-litter who will be 5 years today!

Tove with her delicious birthday card which
she got from her sister Hippu! Thanks Hippu!

Moon-puppies in 1997

L-puppies in 2005

14 September 2010

Lure-coursing on 11.9.2010

"Rommi", Softouch Fourwhitesocks, came second with 470 points at the lure-coursing trial in Kuopio. Congratulations and well done Rommi & Mirka!

Photos Marjo Pitkänen

12 September 2010

Porvoo 12.9.2010

Porvoo all breed show, judge Markku Mähönen:

* Fjalle (Ch. S. Wild Hawk): EXC/4
* Nipsu (C'mere Jalokivi): EXC/1, Best bitch nr. 4


Joanie's puppies Kea and Luka were also with us at the show and of course we took some new photos of them!
Kea, Softouch Honeybee

Luka, Softouch Hawkeye

11 September 2010

Kuvaterveisiä kasvateilta

Photo greetings from Softouch whippets.

Tove's sister Hippu, Softouch Moongold (almost 13
years) enjoying the speed with her collie pals.
Hippu in Lapland where she found "her own shop"!

Tove's brother Niilo (S. Desert Moon) on far left and Elliot
(S. Free As A Wind) far right, on summer vacation

Elliot and friends

Pablo (S. Hullabalooza) has adjusted well to his new home with the
Salovaara family and has started the lure coursing practicing with enthusiasm

Sighthound Club show

In August Pablo & Cilla (S. Hullabalooza & Hazelnut) debuted in a sighthound club show in Mustiala. The judge was Hanna Ukura of the famous Northgate's pharaoh hounds. Both did well: Cilla was BOB and Pablo BOS puppy.

Pablo was very pleased with his price "trophy"

Cilla also won the best head & expression competition!
Lenni (S. Capsicum) Best male nr. 3

Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk), won BOB while Bonnywapit Alottattitude was BOS

4 September 2010

Summary of the summer, part 3 - August in Svenstavik

In the beginning of August we travelled the long way to Svenstavik in Sweden. Three shows were scheduled: The Swedish Whippet Club's unofficial show with Inger Carlsson judging, sighthound show with Arne Foss judging and international show with Knut Blütecher judging. We had a great holiday meeting old and new friends and the results were not bad either!

Joanie was BIS at the whippet show, Best bitch nr. 5 the second day and on the third day she was third in open class with CQ.

Joanie BIS and Ch. Courtborne Ramazotti BOS

Best bitch class from left: Joanie, Jagodas Brosse Bise, Per-Mobile
Xantippa, Lawtons Brave New Girl, Innuendo

In the ring on Saturday

We had rented a "little" cabin which turned out to be more like an apartment!

Bravo and Bueno queueing for dinner

The boys looking for elks and bears

View from the living room window

We also met the father of our P-litter, the charming old gentleman Multi Ch Klenod's Qhavat.

And also the little boys Chaplin & Topaz with their lovely owners Kristin & Jorgen of the Courtborne whippets in Norway.

Tasaa oikealle N Ch Softouch Little Big Man

N & S Ch Softouch Wild Eagle

Courtborne Loke (S. Wild Eagle - Seregon Arwen)