31 January 2010

Joanie 40 vrk astutuksesta

Joanie 40 days pregnant

Vuoden whippet 2009 tulokset

Top whippets in Finland 2009

Nartut - Bitches

5. Softouch Pinquana - Saga

6. Leyenda's Happy Days - Joanie

12. Softouch Peppar Peppar - Pippuri

Urokset - Males

6. Softouch Wild Hawk - Fjalle

Jalostuskoira - Progeny

4. Softouch Sweet Medicine - Puuma

Kasvattaja - Breeder

2. Softouch

Onnittelut ja kiitokset kasvateille hienoista tuloksista!

Congratulations and thank you to all Softouch-owners for great results!

26 January 2010

Fjallesta valio

Fin Ch, NordW-09 Softouch Wild Hawk

Suuret onnittelut Nillalle Fjallen valioitumisesta viime sunnuntain Turun kv:ssa. Tuomarina Kitty Sjong Tanskasta. Fjallesta tuli näin Softouchien 21. Fin Mva!

Congratulations to owner Nilla for Fjalle's qualifying CC at Turku int. show last Sunday. Judge was Kitty Sjong from Denmark. Fjalle became the 21st Fin Ch at Softouch kennel!

22 January 2010

Joanie 4 weeks pregnant

Joanie 4 viikkoa astutuksesta.

17 January 2010

This week's theme is winter

I am not very active in taking photos in wintertime, but had to make an exception now in order to preserve the beautiful landscape on film.

More photos at the gallery.

7 January 2010

Kuvia PMV-09:stä - Photos from NordW-09

Best male and new NordW-09 Softouch Wild Hawk

BOS Softouch Wild Hawk & BOB Hookoplan Harmattan

Best bitch nr. 2 & 3 Softouch Pinquana & Peppar Peppar