25 March 2009

Puppies - Pentuja

Joanie was mated to Bueno on 20th & 22nd of March 2009, and we hope for puppies around late May.

Joanie astutettiin Buenolla 20. & 22.3.2009, pentuja toivottavasti tulossa toukokuun loppupuolella.

Fanfare's Too Cool To Care (Bueno)

Leyenda's Happy Days (Joanie)

Litter in Whippet Archives / Pentue Whippet Archives tietokannassa.
Litter in Koiranet / Pentue Koiranetissä.

23 March 2009

Topaz - Arwen puppies 2 wks

Have just got some sweet puppy photos from kennel Courtborne in Norway. Father is Softouch Wild Eagle and mom Seregon Arwen. Aren't they cute!

Winter lure-coursing

Savu's son Olli (S. Fasterthanu) took part in a winter lure-coursing trial in Mustiala and won 229 points. Well done, Olli! Photos at Viki Kulmala's gallery.


Lola (S. Wild At Heart) and her little poodle friends

8 March 2009

Fjalle and his friends / Fjalle ja kaverit

Fjalle and Ville

... and with his personal hot-water bottle

Kaarina sighthound specialty Feb. 2009

Whippets were judged by Mrs. Nenne Runsten, Sweden (Airescot)

* Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk) - Best dog nr. 3 + reserve-cc
* Hoppu (S. A Bit O' Blue) EXC/2 in open class
* Joiku (S. Mohawk River) EXC/3 in champion class
* Joanie (Leyenda's Happy Days) EXC in open class
* Sani (S. Blazing Sun) EXC/3 in champion class
* Softouch breeders group 2nd with price of honour

Sani in the champion class

Joanie with her friend Nilla

Top whippets in 2008 / Vuoden whippet 2008

Finally have time to put the list of the Softouch whippets placements in the Top Whippet 2008 list / Vuoden whippet 2008 listalla sijoittuneet kasvatit:

Bitches - Nartut

nr. 7 - Pippuri (S. Peppar Peppar)

nr. 10 - Saga (S. Pinquana)

Males - Urokset

nr. 10 - Joiku (S. Mohawk River)

nr. 11 - Haiku (S. Montana Sky)

nr. 15 - Hoppu (S. A Bit O' Blue)

Best breeder / Vuoden kasvattaja nr. 4

Ladyhawke, Peppar Peppar, Pinquana, Wildcat

Best progeny / Vuoden Jalostuskoira

nr. 6 - Puuma (S. Sweet Medicine)

nr. 9 - Saga (S. Pinquana)

Sweet Medicine, Pinquana, Peek-A-Boo, Peppar Peppar, A Bit O' Blue

Top winning puppy / Vuoden pentu

nr. 4 - Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk)